Summer Specials and regular menu

Hello freak shake lover!!

Here are new flavor only in this summer!!



Watermelon Summer   すいかサマー

watermelon flavor shake, vanilla cream, whipped cream, corn flakes, watermelon Roll cake, and fresh watermelon!!


Oki Surprise  沖縄サプライズ

Okinawan traditional cookie (chinsukou) shake, chocolate, Goya chips, whipped cream, corn flake, Okinawan Donut, and SPAM!!!


Please stop by and try these new flavor!!

Busy days!! Thank you!!


Without any advertisement, we has been super busy for weekends.
Thank you everyone!! And new flavors will come out soon!!
please keep check on us!!



No wonder!!

Last weekend was extra busy for us. After we finish work on Sunday, one of our friend send me this picture. Thank you so mush everyone!!




Okinawa living weekly, thank you so much for big page. We never expect this. But super happy for this;D

米軍基地の週間新聞 Okinawa Living Weeklyさん、ありがとうございました。全然こんなことがあったとは!!でもとても嬉しいです。

We will try keep making crazy shakes!! Thanks!!









Grasshoppe Mint Chocolate Shake

It has been over 3 months since we start serving freak shakes.
and we have a lot of customer more and more, thank you so much everyone.
Some people share our freak shakes on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. It really work for us to get more customer and study new shakes. Sometimes we get bad criticise but, we will try keep our heads up!!

This months Speciail is……

Grasshopper Mint Chocolate Shake!!

Mint Chocolate Rims, Chocolate Mint shake, and Mint Chocolate Frosting Brownie.
you can taste Mint from any part of this shake!!

Until Saint Patrick’s Day!!



バッタ チョコミント




Extreme Bloody Mary!!!

from this weekend, we start serving EXTREME BLOODY MARY!!

YES!! We finally do this!! I think we’re the first bar doing this in Okinawa? I guess.

First come, first serve. We only have 10 of these each night on Friday and Saturday nights.


This is like trial, we will adjust sauce and topping if we get feedback 😉
please come and try our new big face!!

Start serving 21:00, price 2600yen/23 dollars.

also beer pong table is available. So bring your friends and try these, and make your night special a little!!

Happy early Valentine’s Day!! And have a great 3 days weekend everyone!!


Valentine’s Special

hellooo!!!! Finally Friday right??

it’s already February, I know… Valentine’s Day is coming;D

So we will have special flavor from this Saturday on 6th to 14th.


So, after romantic lunch or dinner, why don’t you come and get special treat for your love?? Or if you’re songle,that’s fine!! Still you can try this seasonal flavor…that’s what I do … 😎😎😎

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Wed-Fri 17:00-0:00  Sat, Sun 13:00-0:00

1-655 Miyagi chatan  TEL 0989260773