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our holiday business hour

31st Dec 19:00-02:00

1st Jan 19:00-02:00

2nd Jan 13:00-02:00

3rd Jan 13:00-19:00


please come and check our shakes!! next year we will have more flavors!!






This Weekend!!

after put advertisement on okinawa yard sales, american start coming over to the bar even late night just for shakes. OMG, i got freaked out.

but we are ready for this weekend!! hope i can see many many people eating our shakes!!

here is the menu for daytime.

Vanilla Mountain
12311127_1670806759801847_6953249585418829813_nSmooth vanilla shake with homemade brownie, marshmallow on top

  • Bacon Meets Chocolate

Rich chocolate shake with sugar covered donut, and your favorite crispy bacon stripe

  • Peanut Butter Dream

Peanut butter milk shake, waffle with peanut butter, whipped cream and peanut butter cup all together

  • Oreo Party


Oreo cream shake with white chocolate rim, homemade cheese cake on top

  • Strawberry Lover


Chunky strawberry shake with a lot of whipped cream drizzled strawberry sauce over homemade pancakes

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